New sidebar focus has made some plugins unusable

Recently Obsidian started allowing you to treat the right sidebar as your current focus pane. This makes certain plugins either difficult to use, or impossible. Examples:

  1. Spaced Repetition is hard to use. If I am already focused on the sidebar, when I open a note from the sidebar, it replaces the Spaced Repetition tab with that note, and I can’t get back to SR without restarting obsidian.

  2. Quiet Outline is impossible to use. When I toggle controls on Quiet Outline, it thinks the focus note is the plugin tab itself, and shows nothing. When I click back on my note, the controls are reset.

These might be considered problems with the plugins, but since it’s affecting multiple plugins, and the Obsidian setting itself seems to be not working the way it should, it seems like a bug in Obsidian.

Here is a video illustrate:

I’m on Windows 11.

Additional information

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Send the bug reports to plugins dev. If there is problem with obsidian’s api, they’ll contact us.

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