New release: Plugin - Text Expander JS

Hello. Allow me to introduce the plugin Text Expander JS. This plugin lets the user to type text shortcuts that are replaced by (or “expanded into”) Javascript generated text. It works on all platforms and is currently in open beta, though it IS feature complete and thoroughly tested (well, considering that I’ve tested it alone so far).

In addition to writing your own shortcuts, Text Expander JS includes a library of shortcut-files you can import and use out-of-the-box. The library currently includes shortcuts that cover:

  • Mythic GME
  • Mythic Variations 2
  • UNE
  • Adventure Crafter
  • Support features: saveable session states and list handling (used by Mythic and Adventure Crafter)

You can get Text Expander JS from Obsidian’s community plugins list, or from the GitHub: GitHub - jon-heard/obsidian-text-expander-js: Obsidian plugin: Type text shortcuts that expand into javascript generated text.


Plugin at work:

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A new release is out. You can find a summary of it here.

I have a few questions for the community:

  • Should I rename this plugin? What is a good name? Discuss here.
  • Should I change the default prefix and postfix? Discuss here.

I’ve just released version 0.20.2 as a final milestone before the next release.

The next release is big! It’s going to contain a some major refactoring, including a change to the plugin name (due to similarity with another Obsidian plugin’s name). The next release will also contain an autocomplete feature which will probably improve your experience appreciably. Unfortunately, the next release may also break your setup if you’ve done a lot of customizing.

The next release will include info on all changes to help with any issues that crop up. However, if you want to avoid issues altogether, you can get today’s release (version 0.20.2), and then don’t update again. While I mention this, I hope that you do update, because there’s some great stuff coming, especially for TTRPG users.

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There is a major update, with some potential incompatibilities with current shortcuts and shortcut-files. I’ve announced the new release in this thread to help it not be missed.