New release: Oblogger, a tag viewer and logger!

Hello obsidian community! We’ve just released our first plugin called oblogger!

We wanted to make a plugin that focused on two core features.

A side-panel tag explorer that functions more like a flexible tag palette. It comes with some useful built in groups like “recent notes”, “files”, “untagged”, and “daily entries”. You can also add as few or as many custom tag groups as you want. Tag groups can be nested any which way, forward, backward, the same tag can even be be nested in multiple other tags and it should still organize it in a sane and easy to follow way.

a modal for logging properties to a new documents front-matter. we have big plans for this modal but starting out it’s a great way to create a quick log entry for any kind of activity or document you’d like to log.

Currently we’re working hard to get a solid foundation for our 1.0 release and want to make sure everything that exists now works and includes the kind of features users would expect from this sort of plugin. Our github is public and we’d very much appreciate it if people would help us out by providing feature requests, bugs, or their thoughts regarding layout and functionality!

Thanks so much!


we’ve identified that there is a slight slow down on large vaults and i wanted to mention that a fix is incoming today. :sweat_smile:


We’ve fixed the issue in version 0.8.4.


technically it was fixed in 0.8.3 :sweat_smile:


we have a bunch of bug fixes and some new settings for customizing the side-panel coming in 0.8.5. it should be available in the community plugin catalogue soon. In the mean time anyone interested can build it from github if they are so inclined. :blush:


we’ve released 0.8.5 which fixes some bugs such as:

  • a shy context-menu
  • a crashy relationship with workspaces
  • side-panel not refreshing after changing note metadata/properties

we’ve also added a few more options for turning off side-panel functions like:

  • the vault name
  • the clock
  • separators

something of note is that while this release should ensure that the context-menu works all the time, it did unfortunately lose some functionality (such as not being able to delete files from oblogger).

as soon as we can we’re going to move away from our dependency on file-explorer and it’s context-menu. it was nice while it lasted but it’s usage has been inconsistent for us. it’s also not great that oblogger functions are dependent on another plugin (even if it is a core plugin).

thankfully we were able to find a temporary solution to this issue because of another plugin called TagFolder. (they aren’t actually aware they helped us but i wanted to call it out all the same. :sweat_smile: )

going forward we are building our own context-menu that should include all the functions you’d expect (including delete and rename).

our next update should include those changes as well as some other quality of life improvements!

please don’t hesitate to visit out github and report any issues you’re having! :grinning:


So does this use tags from metadata or does it use its own tagging system? Might be good to call them something else if not… to reduce confusion with the native tags.


oblogger uses obsidian native tags as well as bookmarks. as best we can we’d always like to work alongside native obsidian features. :grinning:


We’ve released version 0.8.6 of oblogger!

Bug Fixes

  • we fixed an issue that was loading “null” into the logger when empty frontmatter properties were found
  • we fixed an issue where if you added “#a” as a tag group and had an existing tag “#ab”, that “/b” would incorrectly show up under “a”

New Stuff

  • A new UI for excluding folders including two special folders (templates and logs)
  • Opening a new leaf when ctrl/cmd is pressed and a note is clicked
  • A new icon! (the old one conflicted with an official obsidian icon)
  • Rename from the context menu (as well as re-writing how we build the context menu which should result in less stochastic wonkiness)
  • Updated the wording on some sort options
  • Hid the “Close” button in logger field suggesters on desktop. This button is here for mobile ease-of-use to get out of a menu without selecting anything. It was deemed unnecessary on desktop.

As always, please report any issues you find to our github and thanks for beta testing our plugin!



We’ve released version 0.9.2 of oblogger!

Lots of stuff changed, make sure to check the patch notes! :sweat_smile: