New release: Note Auto Creator - Create notes when creating links to them


I just released a new plugin for automatically creating new notes when linking to them.


Features in this release

  • Trigger link insertion by typing @ (configurable)
  • Automatically create a new note when inserting a link to a non-existing note

Read more here here

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Note Auto Creator v1.1.0

:star2: New features:

  • Add support for applying Templater templates to new notes
  • Respect “Default location for new notes”-setting from Obsidian for new notes

:lady_beetle: Bug fixes:

  • Plugin can now also be installed on mobile devices

I’ve got the latest version of this plugin but I’m unable to get it to work. running Obsidian v0.14.6 on a Mac and I’ve tried the @ plus other allowed symbols but get no response from the plugin. What am I doing wrong?


On a windows system, using the same version of Obsidian, the plugin works fine.

Sorry for not answering earlier. I apparently do not receive notifications…

Have you tried using the plugin in a completely new vault with only the Note Auto Creator plugin installed? If it works there it must be some other plugin or setting that is interferring.
I do not have a Mac myself so I have unfortunately not been able to test there.

I hadn’t but I just did and I still see the same issue - the @ doesn’t trigger anything. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of conflict with a keybinding? I’ll keep poking at it.

That might be. I had an opportunity to try the plugin on a Mac (macOS 12.3.1) today and the plugin worked as expected there.

Note Auto Creator v1.2.0 is now released :tada:

:star2: New features:

  • Support searching for existing notes by alias
  • Make it possible to disable suggestions for non-existing notes
  • Support linking to headers in existing notes

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Improvements:

  • Indicate if inserting a link will result in a new note being created
  • Update visualization of notes to be compatible with Obsidian Desktop v0.15.6 and Mobile v1.3.0 (If you are using an earlier version of Obsidian this plugin will still work, but suggestions for aliases and headers might look a bit odd)

Just to tie this off - it turns out I had an older installer version (12.x) which doesn’t get updated with the normal check updates. I downloaded the latest version of obsidian and replaced it on my Mac and now the @ sign works perfectly to create a new note.

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Note Auto Creator v1.3.0 is now released :tada:

:star2: New features:

  • Make it possible to limit where note suggestions are collected from
  • Make it possible to include folder paths in suggestions
  • Make it possible to use relative paths when inserting links

Note Auto Creator v 1.4.0 has now been released :tada:

:star2: New features:

  • Support templates from QuickAdd
  • Make it possible to define default templates to execute when creating a note based on a Templater or QuickAdd template

I had Note Auto Creator working fine for the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I installed the new Obsidian Insider Build v.1.4.1 and Auto Creator is no longer creating new notes when I make a link to a non-existent note.

I tried this in my test vault where I have Note Auto Creator the only plugin that is installed, and it did not work in that case either.

Thank you for the report!

I just installed Obsidian Insider Build v.1.4.2 and the note creation is working there for me.
Could you try to install v.1.4.2 and see if the problem also exists there?

I installed v.1.4.2
Restarted Obsidian
Uninstalled and reinstalled Note Auto Creator

Still not working.

This is odd. Could you provide me with the following information?

  • Plugin version
  • Your operating system
  • The settings for the plugin (Can be found in <Vault_Folder>.obsidian\plugins\obsidian-note-autocreator\data.json - It contains all the information you have set in the settings for the Note Auto Creator plugin.

Could you also give me an example of the file where you are trying to create the link and the name of the file you are trying to create?

You can also send the information to [email protected] if you’d rather not post it here.

My apologies. The feature is working. I stopped using it for a while, and then I forgot that we have to use the @ symbol to activate the feature. Sorry for your troubles.

BTW, I do not have a data.json file for your plugin. I did not make any changes to the default settings. I didn’t know if the file was supposed to be there regardless.



No problem! Happy that it is working.

The file is actually only generated if you change anything in the settings, so it is correct that it doesn’t exist.