New properties and dataview queries

What I’m trying to do

Before the recent updates, I was using front matter in my recipe notes to create a list of ingredients searchable via dataview. I intentionally didn’t format the ingredient list in the main body of the note this way because it’s ugly and hard to read.

It looks like what I had in this older thread: Need help with a Dataview query - #7 by a2jc4life (I don’t even know how to copy it from an existing note now because it doesn’t show up anywhere.)

I wasn’t finished yet with editing all the notes in my very extensive recipe database. So now I have a few hundred notes that looked like the old one and now have NO visible front matter at all, and thousands more that I hadn’t finished with yet. And as far as I can tell, I’m going to have to start all over again with everything, and I can’t copy/paste into the YMAL; I have to manually enter every line – of the ingredients, the categories (which are set up as tags), etc. And copying in a template skips all the front matter that was part of it.

Am I missing something? The clean look of the new options is nice, but it’s essentially ruined hundreds of notes, unless I’m missing something somewhere.

Have you tried looking at those ‘empty’ notes using source view?
Properties don’t show nested yaml well, but it should still be here, most likely

You’re right; it does seem to be there in Source mode.

It doesn’t seem to include that portion of the template, though, if I insert a template into a new note (even in source view, the new note then doesn’t have any YAML content).

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