[New Plugin] Widgets - Add awesome widgets to your notes or dashboard

Hello Obsidian Community!

I’m happy to introduce my first plugin called Widgets! This plugin allows you to add awesome widgets to your notes or obsidian dasboards in a quick and easy manner

We are currently in beta and getting early feedback from the community to add even more widgets. Currently, we have available:




The plugin works by adding a code block named widgets with the settings necessary for the widget to work. For the quote widget, it would work as follows:

type: quote
quote: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
author: Lorem Ipsum

For the clock, its just as simple as adding this to your note/dashboard:

type: clock

And for the countdown, just add:

type: countdown
date: 2024-01-01 00:00:00
to: New Year! 🎉

Why this plugin?
Obsidian is a very customizable beast. I’ve seen multiple dashboards with custom themes that impressed me. This plugin is an attempt to add some native widgets (All rendered in react within Obsidian, no external URLs) to further customize and facilitate the dashboard creation experience.

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! If you have any widget suggestion, please leave a comment!