New plugin: Todo.txt Codeblocks

A codeblock alternative to mvgrimes’s obsidian-todotxt-plugin based on the Todo.txt specs.


Gave this a try and it’s pretty fantastic. I love how it even works as part of a canvas, and I like the presentation as well.

Thank you!

This is brilliant, I like it - in particular, how simple and straightforward the presentation as well as data entry (either via mask or in source view) is. Further cool points about this plugin:

  • I like the way how each todo.txt block can by sync’d to a text file;
  • a todo.txt codeblock can co-exist with other markdown text, such as task collections (tasks plugin or embedded search for tasks), in a single md file!

Grouping seems to be always by projects? Or, are there other grouping/no grouping options?

The src:.txt directive seems to work automatically, w/o user interaction - will this change (cf feature request 18)?

An observation: the sort algorithm seems to have issues it two projects are specified in one todo item (no problem, but might be good to document that somewhere).

Thanks a lot!