New plugin: Time Things

Time Things

Now available at the community plugin list!

Time Things allows you to log your various time things like for how long a note was edited, or last modified time.

List of features

  • Last modified key: updates whenever you modify a note with a new timestamp (date)
  • Edit duration key: updates whenever you modify a note with a new value in seconds
  • Little clock at the status bar: to never lose track of time, even if your taskbar is hidden

Custom AWESOME metadata solution (optional)

  • Updates a value instantly
  • Preserves your YAML structure intact
  • Limited support for nested values*

Lots of tweaks in the settings!

  • Date formats for everything
  • Enable/disable features
  • Option to use UTC timezone for the clock
  • Update intervals for the clock and the modified key
  • Non-typing editing percentage

It’s my first plugin and I want to thank Liam for accepting it! I am so excited to share it with everyone, I think there is people like me who’ll find it pretty useful.

* in some cases, nested values might not work while using custom awesome metadata solution. You can see what they are on the GitHub page.