New Plugin: Tag autocompletion for YAML Front Matter (and formatting!)

Over the weekend I got tired of using workarounds to get tag autocompletion in the note front matter. Decided to set up a simple plugin, and then got a bit carried away.

I present my not-so-cleverly-named plugin:

Front Matter Tag Wizard (github)

Here’s the current feature set:

  • Enables tag autocompletion in front matter.
  • Works for both single line and multi-line tag list styles.
  • Auto-formats front matter tags into either a single line or a line per tag (optional).
  • Strips " and # from front matter tags that use the workaround (optional)

This has been a fun little project. I have it working well against my daily workflow, but that’s just one small data point. Would love to hear how it works for you, and what improvements I could make to it.

Instructions for installing the plugin via BRAT are at the Github link if needed.


Great addition, just started using tags for tagging people and this is extremely useful at saving me some keystrokes :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it’s useful for you! I’ve submitted it to the community plugins list, so hopefully it will be there soon.

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Great plugin. I use a format like tags: [tag1 tag2/subtag]. It works well except with autocompletion. This plugin just made it.

Just reported an issue with the auto-formatting, have other also seen this?