New Plugin - SageCell

Would love some feedback on a new plugin I just released.

SageMathCell is an open source project that allows you to embed Sage computations into web pages. I wrote an Obsidian plugin that allows you to easily embed Sage computations within your notes. All you have to do is include a sage code block, and when you preview your note the Sage code gets evaluated and the results are shown below the code. It even supports rendering graphs (e.g., using Sage’s built-in plot function).

By default, a free SageMathCell server ( is configured to be used so there’s virtually no setup required.

For more information, please see my GitHub page:


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I can see this being extremely useful for educational applications. Looks like there might be less to learn than in other math formats, especially for educators who aren’t as much math nerds and just want graphical representations or simple math to show up. Interesting!

Sage can be used to illustrate simple math as well as explore very complex concepts in all sorts of fields. Check out SageMath - Tour if you’re curious.

Hey!! I love the idea of this plugin, Sage looks really cool! Unfortunately I can’t get it to work :frowning: I copied it to the plugins folder but Obsidian says it can’t be loaded. Am I missing any intermediate steps? Has anyone else had this problem?