New plugin: Rewarder - Setup rewards for yourself for completing todos

I work a lot with tasks in my Obsidian setup. To motivate myself to complete tasks instead of procrastinating I created this plugin: Obsidian Rewarder.

The plugin lets you setup a list of rewards you wish to give yourself and then decide how often those rewards should be awarded, including an inventory if you wish. Once this is done the plugin will randomly (you decide how often) give you a reward when you complete a task.

Rewards can be notified with a big popup or more discretely with a notice, they can also be logged to your daily note. I tried to make the plugin highly configurable so it will work with your workflow. The plugin is compatible with other task plugins, such as Obsidian Tasks and works on mobile as well.

Example of receiving a reward with a popup:

Complete documentation can be found here: GitHub - Gnopps/obsidian-rewarder: An Obsidian-plugin to get rewards for completing todos. Install it in your vault by searching for “Rewarder” in the community plugins list through Obsidian.

A tip: To get the best effect, do not let yourself have any of the rewards unless the plugin awards you one!

Edit 2022-06-07: New version released with possibilities for reward images, task logging and reward skipping.


This is a brilliant idea. Thank you for developing it.

After playing around with it a bit it seems to keep track of finished actions, is that possible? When I revert an action back to unfinished and finish it again, no reward is given for the second completion (which is fair, it was just for testing purposes).

More serious: I use the Tasks plugin to collect all open tasks and show them in the Daily note. Finishing a task from this generated list doesn’t show the reward (neither in popup nor in notice mode). The Rewarder plugin is still triggered, as I get an error message if the Rewards file doesn’t exist.

But once again: Great job.

Thanks for your feedback!

The plugin does not keep track of finished tasks. If you uncheck a task and then check it again, then the plugin will again calculate if an award should be given no matter if it was awarded previous time or not.

The error you get with rewards-file shouldn’t have anything to do with the Tasks plugin. Rather, I’d recommend you check the path and title to the rewards-file in the plugin settings. Please let me know if this doesn’t solve the problem.

Apologies, my description completely f*'s up the test I did.

The Rewards plugin works as intended, correct file is referenced and gives rewards.
But, if I complete a task from the summary list of the plugin Tasks, no reward is being shown.
To check whether this is a problem with the Rewards plugin not being activated, I changed the link to the Rewards file - in that case I get an error message that the Rewards file does not exist when finishing a todo from the Tasks plugin summary list, so apparently the plugin is activated.
Correcting the preferences once again gives me Rewards for completing tasks in notes, but unfortunately still no rewards for completing tasks from the Tasks summary list.

So, in more tech lingo:


Completing Todos in the summary list of the Tasks plugin does not show rewards

Steps to reproduce:

  • Put a summary list of the Tasks plugin in the Daily Note:

not done
path does not include _templates
starts before tomorrow

  • Create a todo in a different note which is active in this search, so that it is shown in this Daily Note list
  • Complete the todo in this summary list in the Daily Note

expected behaviour

The plugin shows a reward

observed behaviour

No reward is shown

System Overview

  • Windows 10
  • Obsidian v0.14.6
  • Rewarder v0.1.0
  • Tasks v1.5.1
  • Theme: Minimal 5.1
  • Live Preview Editor enabled (same behaviour can be seen in Reading mode)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the detailed report! I’m not able to reproduce this error. I created a new vault per the settings you describe and set the occurrence of common rewards to 94% (to be sure a reward is awarded). Please see gif below:

GIF 27-04-2022 19-52-41

Just to make sure: You are aware that with the default settings, rewards are given at random when completing a task, not every time you complete a task?

Oh wow…

Well, now I don’t know what to say anymore.
I completely missed the part that rewards are given randomly, and by whatever chance, I was always given an award when completing a task directly in the note and never when using the daily note.
I did it a couple more times and can confirm what you are saying. Please disregard my report, I apologize for the confusion.

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I updated this plugin now and added 3 new features:

  1. Possible to add images to rewards. Thanks for the idea!
  2. Possible to skip a reward. If you get a reward to have a beer during Monday morning meeting you may want to skip it. Skipping a reward means that it is ignored and any possible inventory is not used.
  3. Possible to log all completed tasks in your daily note.

I hope you enjoy it!