New plugin: Orgmode CM6

Introducing Orgmode CM6, my first obsidian plugin that allows to view/edit orgmode files (*.org), as opposed to markdown files (*.md). I am using it on desktop for my orgmode files coming from my phone with orgzly.

I was previously using obsidian-org-mode and wanted to customize the experience with some JS/CSS but was frustrated that it was using code mirror 5 like the legacy editor (feature removed in obsidian 1.5) and not code mirror 6 like current obsidian. So I wrote this plugin from scratch to do just that (CM6 is for code mirror 6), and a little more:

  • The syntax highlighting is not based on regexes but on a custom lezer grammar so it is much more accurate, even though not all orgmode syntax is implemented.
  • There are CSS classes to customize the syntax highlighting.
  • You can define your own todo/done keywords for the syntax highlighting.

Still not a fully-featured orgmode editor, but I hope it can be useful.

I would love to have your feedback about the plugin. I am also curious to know more about your orgmode/obsidian workflows, if you are into that.