New Plugin: Obsidian Plugin Manager (Lazy loading, easier plugin toggling)

Hey everyone,

I’m releasing this simple plugin which focuses on adding “lazy loading” to your obsidian plugins (credits to @TfTHacker). Basically it lets you delay when plugins load so the app starts quicker. It’s rather useful for slow mobile devices.

The plugin also provides a command to toggle each plugin on its own through the palette or hotkey. It’s occasionally helpful, yet I can see why it might be annoying to add all those commands. If anyone’s looking to disable the feature, I’ll hopefully be adding a toggle in the settings soonish.

It’s currently going through review, so I hope it will be submitted in the community tab soon. In the mean time, feel free to manually install it (or use BRAT). You’ll find instructions on the Github page.

I would like to add more features. In particular, device specific delays will be one of my priorities. Regardless, please let me know what related features you’d like to see.

I appreciate your time and have a good day.


Loving this plugin already!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. The plugin is still waiting to go through review, but hopefully it’ll be posted to the community tab within the next couple weeks.

And I would appreciate any feedback. I am looking for issues to tackle or (relevant) features to implement.

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After using it for the past week, it’s been just as much of a lifesaver as i originally thought it would be! Feels like a “core” plugin or at least one everyone needs to install.

Feature requests so far are pretty minimal:

  • Somehow be able to load some plugins on demand, rather than at a specific time
  • It hasn’t been much of an issue, but a sticking point when setting it up was choosing a start time for all the plugins I want “delayed” (not loaded at start-up). It’s a bit of a hassle to manually find, and change the start times of all the plugins I want delayed. (currently, I have 10 plugins delayed to start 2 seconds after). Haven’t really thought about how I’d approach making that easier, but off the top of my head, it would be to either group/sort by start time, or maybe better than that would be to have a dropdown with a few pre-defined “delays” (who’s names and delays can be changed in the settings menu, but comes with 2-3 out of the box) and a “custom” option for people that want fully granular control. That way, users change all the plugins they have set at X seconds to Y seconds without worrying about forgetting one or making a typo. Also if there was a drop-down, they could easy move things back and forth between “at-startup” and one of the pre-defined delay groups, as their needs change

Wish I had extra time right now, otherwise I’d make a PR with what I was thinking! Appreciate the efforts ohm. Thanks for making this plugin

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I’ve installed the plugin via the BRAT plugin but I’m not seeing any command in the palette. Is installation via BRAT not supported or what might I be doing wrong?

Thanks for the feedback. I had failed to fully test the plugin on the last “update” and accidentally borked the plugin for new users (existing users are fine). Whoops. It’s a single line issue, so I’ll release a fixed version today.


Now (v0.1.4) the plugin fails to load, i.e. I can’t activate it…

Obsidian-2023-02-11 at 10.12.00

Edit: Thanks to ChatGPT I was able to figure out what the >>>>>>>, ======= and <<<<<<< markers in the code meant and fixed the failed merge. :sunglasses: :tada:

Would be curious, though, to understand why the merge failed… (I’m not a developer).

Should be fixed now. I submitted the wrong file on the release. Whoops again. :sweat_smile:

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