New plugin - Obsidian date in metadata

Add automatically date and time on file creation

Hello everyone,

I just released my new plugin, obsidian-date-in-metadata that automatically insert date and time on file creation (regardless of the trigger, from a link, a keyboard shortcut, or whatever…).

I don’t know if such a feature already exists, I don’t think so (I’ve already searched a lot).

But here it is, it solves a problem I had for a long time (I’m on linux, so no creation date for my files…)



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I’ve been using Update Time on Edit for ages. It will make sure the file creation date is placed in the YAML and will also update the last date edited.

Yeah I heard about that. It doesn’t really work for me. It messes with my frontmatter.

  • it logs everything in the console and it’s awful when you want to debug, just too noisy,

  • it keeps updating even when you disable the plugin, which doesn’t respect the plugin review

It’s been working perfectly for me, but it’s nice to see another plugin added to the community :slight_smile: