New plugin: Obsidian Custom Sort

for my personal purposes I’ve created a plugin which allows for full control over the order of files and folders in Obsidian File Explorer. Order is specified in YAML in front matter. Each folder can have its own ordering logic, or can stay with the Obsidian standard sorting. You can use sorting and grouping rules or direct order specification by listing names (wildcard supported). Or mix and match.

I’ve been using this plugin for some weeks already and it looks like it nicely fills the gap of the missing feature of (which I love at first sight BTW!)

And already added new feature, as per users request.

See if it fits your needs as well, your feedback is welcome, also regarding the documentation


Hi Sebastian, I just installed your plugin now, and while it was working amazingly at first, I’ve now run into a little issue. For some reason, I can’t set a custom sort order for just one of the folders in my vault. The plugin works perfectly fine for everything, except for the final folder (titled Transformation) you can see in my screenshot. I’ve tried a bunch of different things and for the life of me I can’t get it to change from its default a-z sort. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m on an iPad Pro M1 11"

I’m also wondering if there’s a workaround for custom sorting in folders with identical names, but which are themselves inside different folders. E:g I have folders named ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ in both my ‘Principles’ and ‘Skills’ folders, meaning I have two folders named ‘Basic’ and two folders named ‘Advanced’. Currently, if I try to set a custom sort order for both the plugin refuses to run due to identical folder names. Is there some way to specify which of the two folders I mean, e.g by writing target-folder: Basic/Skills or something of the sort (i know this specific example doesn’t work)? Of course the current workaround is to rename the folders to ‘Basic Principles’ and ‘Basic Skills’, but I’m wondering if there’s a solution within the plugin for this.

Unfortunately it’s now broken down for everything except first-order folders (it works for folders within root, but not for the folders within those folders). I can’t spot any formatting errors in the sortspec document so I really don’t know what’s going on.

Hi @Drinkaholik,
the target-folder: in the simplest form treats its parameter as a full path to a folder.
For example:

  • target-folder: Principles refers to a folder named Principles at root level of the vault
  • target-folder: Basic refers to a folder named Basic at the root level of the vault
  • target-folder: Principles/Basic refers to a folder named Basic which is a child of the Principles

For your specific case visible on the screenshot you can use the full paths as below, respectively:

  • target-folder: Principles
  • target-folder: Principles/Basic
  • target-folder: Principles/Advanced
  • target-folder: Principles/Advanced/Transformation
  • … and so on.

If I understand your example correctly, this should help.

You can also specify target folder by the name only (with some additional syntax), yet if in your vault there are multiple folders with the same name (which is exactly your case) that method would be more confusing than helpful.

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Thank you so much! Both for the quick (and comprehensive) reply and for making this amazing plugin. It’s all working perfectly now.

My bad for not noticing that feature in the readme until now :sweat_smile:

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