New Plugin: Obsidian Clipper

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a web clipper plugin I use in my daily workflow and recently submitted it for release.

Obsidian Clipper

This plugin builds on some code/concept I first came across here in the forum.


  • Turndown is built into the clipper code, so it doesn’t depend on the website’s security settings, allowing it to work everywhere.
  • I have extended Turndown to handle table highlighting, which pairs well with the Advanced Tables plugin.
  • The bookmarklet link can be drag-n-dropped from within Obsidian to your browser. Each vault would have a unique link.
  • Configuring the clipping format, location within the vault, and what tags to include are configured within Obsidian. Currently, it is limited to adding to the daily note, but I am working on allowing other options.

Example Usage


My apologies - where do I get the bookmarklet?

The bookmarklet is on the settings page of the plugin. You can just drag it to your bookmarks bar.

There is also a command in the Obsidian command palette to copy the bookmarklet to your clipboard.

Hi there - I don’t see this in the plugin list within the app - does it need to be installed via BRAT?

I sorted it out and installed it manually. Tried using the web clipper bookmarklet and it complained it couldn’t find my vault. I will continue to tinker.


This is really cool. Going to watch this for updates. Gave you a star on github.

Let me test installing it with BRAT.

Also, it looks like your vault name is ‘Note Vault’? I am going to test vaults with a space in the name.

This is fixed now. I have pushed up a new version and just tested it after installing it in a test vault via BRAT.

Thanks for the feedback!!

I did not find this plugin in the community plugins; Is it available there?

It hasn’t been approved by the Obsidian team yet.