New plugin: NoteTweet - post tweets from Obsidian

Hey everyone.

I’m working on a new plugin that allows you to post tweets from Obsidian.

Check it out here: GitHub - chhoumann/notetweet_obsidian: Post tweets directly from Obsidian.


  • Post tweets of selected text
  • Post threads from file
  • Automatically appends a tag to your tweet (to keep track of what you’ve posted)
  • Secure mode - encrypts your API keys such that they can only be accessed with a password.
  • Delete tweet/thread that was just posted (undo)


Hey Christian, great work on this plugin.

I remember seeing something similar in Roam, but the security aspect of it was quite problematic (mostly because of Roam’s underlying security concerns). I’m curious, how are you managing security on the user side for your plugin?

Hey! Thank you.

Security is obviously a massive concern. This is one of the reasons why the project is completely open source. Every line of code is readable on the Github page I linked in the post.

Right now, the only way someone could access the one’s API keys would be if they could already access one’s Obsidian vault. If you back up to Google Drive, they’ll be visible there. The same for any other cloud-sync provider.
The API keys are stored as any other setting in Obsidian (JSON format in a local file).

I have been toying with the idea of a ‘secure-mode’ where you’d have to enter a password to tweet. Here, the API keys entered would be hashed by a password, which would have to be entered every time one would want to tweet.

Another concern would be if a malicious Obsidian plugin targeted users of this plugin. This could perhaps be circumvented by the aforementioned ‘secure-mode’.

I have not used Roam for more than an hour. I do not know which security concerns there have been in regards to tweeting from Roam. I could imagine that the online-vs-local formats of Roam contra Obsidian makes this a separate case.

I am more than open to suggestions or improvements. I do not want security to be an issue here. I want people to feel safe using this plugin.



Update on the Secure Mode feature.

I’m very close to finishing it. Below is a screenshot that shows its functionality as well as a description of how it works.


If I have time for it tomorrow, I’ll try to have it finished by then.

Thanks for the prompt response Christian. I really like the idea of a secure mode and the way you implemented it. Thanks for taking this feedback seriously.

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I have now added secure mode to the plugin.

for anyone interested in a tutorial, I just madea video for this excellent plugin


Thank you for making a video! I’m glad that you like the plugin.

You made a great video - I really enjoyed it. You explain the steps very well. I’ll link to the video from the instructions so people can follow along. That would probably make things easier for them. I hope that is okay?:blush:


Absolutely, it would be an honor to have my video in the plugins README. Glad to know it’s helpful for others!
Thanks again for the awesome tool, you got me back into using twitter :smiley: now that’s it’s an awesome experience to tweet from Obsidian

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I’ve updated the plugin to accommodate changes to the Obsidian API. This means that the tag-append feature works again. :smiley:

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NoteTweet now supports images!:tada:

Just include a [[link]] to your images, and they’ll be uploaded and posted along with the tweet.

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Excited to announce…

You can now schedule tweets with NoteTweet :bird:!

Version 0.4.2 introduces Scheduling.

Here’s how you can set it up for yourself:

Demo :point_down:

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Man that is really an awesome Plug in. My mental health already thanks you!!!

Is it possible to schedule threads? → I just found my answer: YES!

This is a great plug-in. I just set it up and the post tweet works, but the scheduling doesn’t seem to.

No success message comes from the scheduling button, and the Scheduler button in the settings remains empty.

I suspect this might be a Heroku issue. But before I spend hours working out how to understand that, can you please confirm the Scheduler still works for you (and is this as Heroku Hobbyist or other)?

I get an error for post tweet:
NoteTweet: failed attempt to post selected. [object Object]

I wonder if something has changed at Twitter’s end and the new configurations required.

I think Twitter has changed the API - many apps are now not working.