New Plugin: Note Toolbar - Add flexible toolbars to your notes

Note Toolbar provides a flexible way to create toolbars at the top of your notes. With this plugin, you also get Note Toolbar Callouts which you can add anywhere in your notes.

Search for “Note Toolbar” in Community Plugins.



  • Create toolbars with items that link to Commands, Files, and URIs/URLs
  • Designed to fit cleanly with Obsidian’s UI, inserted just below the Properties section
  • Use Obsidian’s built-in icons, labels, or a mix of both
  • Variables let you sub in the note’s title or properties into URIs
  • Toolbars appear on notes based on their folders, or based on a user-defined property
  • Show items specifically on mobile, desktop, or both
  • Note Toolbar callouts let you create and place toolbars anywhere within your notes
  • Set optional tooltips for each item
  • Style toolbars by adding borders, sticking to the top of your note on scroll, and aligning items (left, right, centered, evenly spaced)
  • Change or override these styles on mobile
  • Keyboard controls available via the Note Toolbar: Focus command

Learn more

:rocket: Install via Community Plugins

:open_book: Read the User Guide



Wondering what to use this for?

Here are some examples of items you could add, and a break-down of my own Daily Note toolbar.


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