New plugin: MSGraph access (Exchange Calendar, Emails, Tasks, ...)

Hi everyone,

this plugin connects Obsidian to MS Graph, the central gateway to access and modify information stored in MS 365.

Currently, the plugin allows to access to calendar items and emails. Access to MS Teams, Contacts, and Todo, as well as two-way sync for flagged emails are planned.

As a usage example, putting this

## Meetings

<% await['obsidian-msgraph-plugin'].calendarHandler.formatEventsForToday() %>

### Overdue Emails

<% await['obsidian-msgraph-plugin'].mailHandler.formatOverdueMailsForAllFolders() %>

in your daily note template leads to output similar to this:


Hi, anyone successfully using this plugin? I am stuck at the app creation/registration at Azure portal. Hope to be able to get some help. I have registered the issue at the plug-in website but hear no reply.

Issues details:


i wonder how its ment to work.
You just have some regulations you can´t avoid


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How to enable this plug-in. I have downloaded in and store it in the plugin folder, but it does not appear in Obsidian?