New plugin: Jira issue


if you use Atlassian Jira to track the work in company, and you use like me Obsidian to design you new features an milestone, you would like to take a look at this new plugin.

It allows to view issues and query the projects from your Jira server and show them directly in your note.

This helps me monitor the status of the user stories and have an overview on the progress of a new feature.

I hope this plugin will help other project managers, product owners, and Agile teams to track Jira issues directly from their favorite note taking application.

You can find this plugin in the Community plugins section of Obsidian.


Outstanding plugin, @marcol92 thank you!

This is really really good plugin. I build a weekly summary of the tasks from JIRA and this will save a lot of time. Thank you!

Have you considered making a version of this for Freshdesk?

Thanks for making this plugin. I am using it with Kanban together.

It is possible to directly change the ticket inside the inline or table?

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This is the main thing I would like to see - a way to edit and/or comment on jira issues

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This plug is saving me from the dreaded Jira UI. Thank you! Is there a way to pull specific values from the jira tickets, such as status and use them as variables in a template or create tags?

What a great plugin! I integrated it in my daily notes and now I can’t live without it.

This is the absolute best plugin.

I use to have to maintain and update all my JIRA tickets. This saves me so much time.

Can you create something that will support Github/Bitbucket “Issues” and “Pull-Request”

How can I query Jira tasks that I’m “Watching”?

That plugin sounds really interesting! I can see how it would be super helpful to have Jira issues integrated directly into your notes. It’s always great to have a quick overview of progress without constantly switching between different tools.

Also, I recently hired some experts from Evelon to help me with my Jira setup, and they’ve been a game-changer in streamlining our workflow and maximizing efficiency.