New Plugin: Image Magician - Supports Various Image Formats, Including PSD

Hi, I’ve developed a new plugin that supports various image formats in Obsidian.

This plugin allows integration with multiple image formats within Obsidian, including PSD, HEIC, and more.

Here are the features of the Image Magician plugin:

Image Formats

It supports a wide range of image formats: psd, psb, xcf, tif, tiff, dcm, dds, hdr, heic, mng, pbm, pcx, pfm, pgm, pnm, ppm, sgi, xbm. You can explore additional image formats in ‘Settings > Image Magician’.


  • Markdown links are supported, such as ‘![[MyImage.psd]]’.
    • Tip: I recommend enabling ‘Settings > Files and Links > Detect All File Extensions’. This setting activates the link suggestion popup for all file formats.
  • Supports paths in the img tag, e.g., <img src="MyImage.png"/>, <img src="[[MyImage.png]]"/>. This feature is applied globally to all image formats.


  • Export images as JPG, PNG, and WebP by right-clicking the file or using a command.
  • Includes an image resize feature.

Auto Export

Automatically export images when the source image changes.

Configure and activate according to your preferences in ‘Settings > Image Magician’.

Project Repository


Thanks for sharing! Missing HEIC Support was one big reason why I did not switched to obsidian yet.
Just imported my AppleNotes (including notes with heic-images in it) - then installed (macOS, latest obsidian) via community plugin Image Magician. Unfortunately I get an error shown up when I click on a heic Image inside an obsidian folder:

Image Magician Plugin: error with file ´Apple Notes/IMG_1974.heic´
RuntimeError: Abbohrtet(). Build with -sASSERTIONS for more info.

Could you please help? Thanks

I love the fact I can now see the filename in the explorer. Also get same error, am I missing something in the settings. Do I need to do something on the desktop?

Does the plugin work for iOS. I can’t seem to activate it there.