[New Plugin] Grafika - Create embedded charts & get insights with AI

Hi there!

I’ve just released :rocket: Grafika 0.6.0, a first version of a plugin to create dashboards with interactive visualizations like :bar_chart: charts, :chart_with_upwards_trend: plots and graphs, embedded inside Obsidian’s notes.

:game_die: I still didn’t submit this plugin for approval, but you can give it a try via BRAT:
GitHub - anteloc/obsidian-grafika-plugin: Obsidian plugin for creating plots, charts and graphs via Apache Echarts , Chart.js and visjs.

:tv: Video

:framed_picture: Screenshots

:rocket: Main Features

  • Create Markdown notes with embedded visualizations of different kinds.
  • Build & Share Dashboards with interactive and live charts, graphs and plots.
  • OpenAI’s Analysis
  • Get AI Insights for a plot just by clicking a button!
  • Customize the analysis by configuring your own System and User prompts

:keyboard: Write JavaScript code fence blocks for rendering visualizations with different libraries: Apache ECharts, Chart.js, visjs (network and timeline graphs only!)

:hammer_and_wrench: Adapt & Reuse Examples

There are plenty of code examples at the websites for the supported Visualization Libraries. Many of them are easy to adapt to code fence blocks, saving a considerable amount of time:

  1. Copy-and-paste example code directly into a code fence block.
  2. Adapt the example code according to the instructions (WIP).
  3. Click outside the code fence block to see the results.

:warning: Current Status
This plugin is still WIP and also experimental, but already usable.
Any feedback and new ideas for improvement, documentation, etc. are welcome, especially regarding UI/UX.

I hope you enjoy it! :+1:


Hi @anteloc

1st one looks like a Radar/Spider chart, Right? Your charts looks beautiful. I will check this plug-in in next weekend.

Hi @charlesfriedo ,
Yes, it’s a radar chart, but many other types of charts are possible.
You can try other types by copy-pasting and adapting code from the examples at:

Not all of them will work out-of-the-box, given that Grafika’s latest release is still an early beta, but many of them should work with minor adaptations.

And also, thanks for the compliments :wink: