New Plugin for rolling over daily todos

Hey all. I’m a fairly new Obsidian user but loving it so far. I include todo items in my daily notes and every day I was having to go back to my last daily note to copy and paste all of my incomplete todo items, so I made a plugin to do it for me.

It reads your daily notes settings to find your daily notes and can also work with your daily note template. You can set it to place the incomplete todo items under a specific header from your template. I hope this can be helpful to others!


This looks useful, thank you.

This feature would be a great enhancement for Daily Notes. This plugin does not work for me. I checked and the settings look good. I am using Obsidian v0.10.1. I am more than glad to help in any way I can.


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This looks very useful. Thank you!

I can’t get this to work - can anyone else confirm if it still works?