New plugin: Fight Note

Good news, everyone.

If you like to play Tekken and know what it is, the plugin may be useful to you. It shows the notation in an easy-to-read form. After some time, i still couldn’t bring myself to get used to a notation like “b,3+4>f,2>df,1,1” and decided to simplify my life and someone else.

The notation can be full written if you wish to add additional information or short, where only the inputs.

input: b 3+4 > f 2 > df 1 1 > b 2 3 > uf 1
name: Alisa combo
damage: 74
hits: 8

b 3+4 > f 2 > df 1 1 > b 2 3 > uf 1


More information about notations can be found on the plugin page. I will be glad to receive feedback.


Really nice! Not sure if I will need it, but you never know :smile:

I just don’t like this green little arrow. It’s a bit too subtle and not very obvious at first look that this is a new section

Green arrows are an imitation of how it looks in the game :slight_smile:

Green arrows