New Plugin: Etymology Lookup

Lookup the etymology of English words in your notes.

This plugin fetches results from Douglas Harper’s fantastic Online Etymology Dictionary and therefore requires internet connection.

Install plugin for Obsidian (or see code)

Great for

:seedling: ESL learners

:seedling: Studying law, medicine, botany, chemistry, physics, philosophy, linguistics, architecture and more

:seedling: Enhancing the clarity of your writing

:seedling: Nerds just plain curious about language history and word origins


How to use

  1. Highlight all or part of a word in your notes
  2. Run search
  3. (Optional) Click or tap an entry to copy it to your clipboard

What a fantastic little plugin. Thank you!

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Neat! On Mac and iOS I use the system dictionary for this (in the context menu — right-click on Mac, select on iOS — choose “Look up”).

nice dictionary tool! I can’t seem to find etymology info in it though

It’s at the bottom of the dictionary entries. Here’s an example on iOS (the last section, with the heading “Origin”):