New Plugin: Convert Map of Content Files to the new Obsidian Canvas Interface

New Plugin! I recently came to the (somewhat) publishing stage for my plugin GitHub - Feel-ix-343/obsidian-canvas-moc: Converts MOC note files to an obsidian canvas and I would like to tell you all about it. Basically, it translates Map of Content files into the new canvas display, but there is a little more to it.

With the release of the canvas feature in Obsidian (v1.1), many people have started to wonder about its applicability to well-established note-taking practices like MOC (Map of Content) notes. I believe that the expressive canvas interface will replace simple MOC notes and allow for showing better context between notes and connections. If the transition to the canvas from MOC is made, the obsidian community would greatly benefit from automation in this process. My plugin aims to help with this.

Key Features:

  • Presenting all links in a MOC file in a circular graph view in the new canvas file

  • If the MOC file separates links by headers, these headers will show up as the 1st level in the graph view. The links corresponding to these headers will be displayed as the 2nd level–evenly spaced around their respective headers.

  • Settings menu to configure the spacing, angle span, and nodes widths in the generated graphs

I make a few key assumptions in the translation from MOC to canvas. One of them is that MOC files are likely structured by headers. If you all have any ideas for common MOC patterns, I would love to hear them and implement them in my plugin!

You can test out the plugin by following the instructions in the “Installation” section of the readme GitHub - Feel-ix-343/obsidian-canvas-moc: Converts MOC note files to an obsidian canvas

BTW: I used some cool trig calculations in order to calculate the coordinates of the nodes in the canvas display. If you are into math, it might be interesting to check out my algo (the Graph.ts file in the repo) and maybe give me some feedback?

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That sounds amazing!

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