New Plugin: Colorful Tag

This plugin is similar to supercharged_links. You can easily add prefix or suffix to a tag and change the tag’s background or text color.

Here is the repo: Colorful-Tag


This is great. I can get rid of a load of hand-maintained CSS hacks. Did you see the Issue I added on GH regarding the text colour in reading mode?
All the tags have a single class=“tag” and the only way to get to them as far as I can see is with the href. It winds me up having different selectors in each mode.

I have fixed it in 1.0.2, you can see if it works properly


thx for sharing

I turned off every other plugin. I’m still getting the default font colour from the theme and I tried the default and minimal themes.
I have found that !Important is needed in CSS sometimes. When I get back from a friend’s for coffee I will have a look at what your plugin is doing, Obsidian isn’t an easy coding partner.


Quite useful !
Thank you :slight_smile:

v1.0.4 works a treat. Thank you so much.

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it’s very useful but in my vaults the plugin works entirely only in reading view. In editing view it doesn’t respect all the parameters, the most important one, from my poin of view, the color of the text (because it still shows the default one)

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Is it possible to show colored tags on YAML Frontmatter?