New plugin: Code Editor Shortcuts

Hey everyone!

I just released my first plugin: Code Editor Shortcuts.

If you’re used to the editing and selection shortcuts that come with Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text, this should help you feel more at home with Obsidian’s editor.

It’s now available in the community plugins list and available to install. Feedback and suggestions are welcome!



  • New feature: transform selection to title case
  • Enhancement: if nothing is selected, transform case acts on the word the cursor is on
  • Enhancement: selection is preserved after transforming case
  • Enhancement: insert line below matches the indentation of the current line


  • New feature: expand selection to brackets ([], (), {})
  • New feature: expand selection to quotes ('', "", ``)


  • Bug fix: delete line now works properly on the last line of the file (contributed by @pulsovi)


  • New feature: go to next/previous heading (contributed by @Dmitriy-Shulha)
  • Bug fix: set cursor at the correct position after delete line (contributed by @pulsovi)


  • New feature: select word under cursor (contributed by @pulsovi)


  • Bug fix: expand to brackets now works on the first line
  • Bug fix: go to end of line now works properly for selections spanning more than one line
  • Bug fix: handle specified lowercase articles (‘the’, ‘a’, ‘an’) when converting to title case from uppercase