New plugin: Citations (with Zotero)


my cloud solution limits me in file lengths. Unfortunately, I decided to use the {{title}} handlebar in the literature note title template and some papers have really long titles, so I get syncing errors I need to resolve manually. For the current errors, I am pretty sure, that I’ll have to do that, but I’d like to have a more failsafe solution for the future by shorten the tile. I found that I could use helpers to do use the JS substring function but as far as I understood the plugin does not allow writing own helpers.
Any ideas how to get, let’s say, the first 100 characters of the title only?

Sorry to dig this up again. I pasted your solution into my template, but i keep getting an error message :confused:

I learned what YAML was yesterday so maybe I’m in too deep but thought I’d give you an ask

Year: {{date | format(“YYYY”)}}
tags: {{allTags}}
Authors: {{#each}}[[Authors/{{#if}}{{}}, {{#if this.given}}{{this.given}}{{else}}{{…/authorString}}{{/if}}{{/if}}|{{#if}}{{}}, {{#if this.given}}{{this.given}}{{else}}{{…/authorString}}{{/if}}{{/if}}]]; {{/each}}

Title:: {{title}}
URL: {{url}}
Zotero Link: {{pdfZoteroLink}}

Hello, I am hoping for some help. I have spent way too much time trying to figure out. I linked everything and I can find the citations and the file is linked. However - I save the annotations as a not using add note from citations. The folder appears correct. Yet no notes show up. What am I doing wrong. Obsidian can import highlight from Zotero? Or is there a better work flow? I want to highlight and then those go in as notes. I can use the actual citation feature which is cool. Or is readwise easier event though it is not free? Appreciate your time!

Had the same exact problem. Did all sorts of things. I ended up creating a new vault and did everything from scratch. Worked fine with a new vault

No, but since last week, Pandoc Reference List is.

Pandoc Reference List demo

I had the same frustration with the lack of mobile support. Recently, I figured out a way to insert citations by typing @ and searching by title or citekey, which works on the mobile apps. It’s powered by the Various Complements plugin, using a custom dictionary converted from a bibtex bibliography.

I’ve shared the script that handles the conversion here, along with a setup guide: Mobile citation autocompletion guide using Quickadd and Various Complements

This does not cover creating literature notes, though.

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Hi, I use Syncthing to work back-to-back from two different computers. Suppose I export my Zotero library from computer1 to computer1.json then syncthing’d it to computer 2, how can one “append” new citation from computer 2 to this snyc’d computer1.json?

Is it possible to update this computer1.json both from computer 1 and computer 2?

Probably I can make computer2.json and symlink this computer2.json to computer1.json?

This plugin worked sporadically but lately it’s just been broken most of the time. I spent a ton of time setting it all up but it doesn’t seem to work very consistently. I’ve given up on it.

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You can use Zotero Integration + Pandoc Reference List or Zotlit instead. Both options are much more capable, and can import metadata and annotations, and insert citations.

Can someone help me figure this out? Why do some notes show up in red text while others are formatted perfectly?

Text in red in the yaml generally means that there’s some kind of error in the code. From your screenshot I can’t see errors but check it out. Maybe you should put in double quotes the title?

Quotation mark fixed it. Thank you.


would it be possible to add the Keywords or the Mendeley tags to the variables lists for citation?

I use Mendeley and it would be very useful to be able to retrieve rapidly the tags i put in the software while doing my research.

Thank you very much