New Plugin: CardNote

Hello everyone

I have developed a plugin CardNote.

This tool assists you in quickly creating a new note and inserting its link into the canvas when using Obsidian Canvas and the obsidian-excalidraw-plugin.

All you need to do is move your mouse, drag, and drop the fragments you want to extract!


The testing of this plugin has been primarily based on my usage scenarios. Since I am not a heavy user of Obsidian plugins, there may still be some cases that haven’t been tested. I recommend using tools like Obsidian Sync or plugins like Obsidian-git to automatically backup your files before using this plugin.

If you encounter any issues during usage or have any new feature requests, please feel free to submit an issue to me on GitHub. I’ll to my best to fix and improve the plugin.

Thank you.

Here’s a link to the plugin on GitHub:
cycsd/obsidian-card-note (