New Plugin: Better Search Views (Early Beta). Call For Brave Beta-Testers

Hello guys! I’ve been working on adding outilner-like hierarchy to search views, and I’d like to invite some brave beta-testers to try things out and give me some feedback (feel free to create issues: Issues · ivan-lednev/better-search-views · GitHub).

This plugin is kinda like query-control + influx on steroids. It enhances every native search view: global search, backlinks, backlinks in document and embedded queries.


  • It is still early in its development, so things may break
  • You need to reload Obsidian after enabling the plugin

For now you can try it out via BRAT (GitHub - TfTHacker/obsidian42-brat: BRAT - Beta Reviewer's Auto-update Tool for Obsidian. Part of the Obsidian42 family of plugins.), the download code is ivan-lednev/better-search-views Here is a link to the repo: GitHub - ivan-lednev/better-search-views: Outliner-like breadcrumb trees for search, backlinks and embedded queries

Have fun!