New plugin: Augmented Canvas

Hi all, just created a small plugin that enhance Obsidian Canvas functionnalities with AI.

Here it is: MetaCorp/obsidian-augmented-canvas (



This plugin adds two actions to the menu of a note in the canvas view.

  1. Ask GPT on a specific note, the note content will be used as prompt. A new note will be created underneath the prompt note containing the AI response.
  2. Ask questions about a note. If the note has been generated by this plugin, there are also some pre-generated questions you can ask. The pre-generated questions help you easily dig further into the subject of the note.

More info in the Readme.


I developed this plugin to assist myself in exploring and comprehending new topics.
The ability to organized and see history of a discussion in a canvas can be very helpful in understanding a new subject.


The plugin is an adaptation of those two plugins :

So kudos to the original authors!

I’ve added some cool new features to the Augmented Canvas plugin :

  1. You now have a command to “Insert a system prompt” to the canvas. There are many system prompts already added with specific personas, fetched from awesome-chatgpt-prompts. You can also add your own in the settings of the plugin.
  2. You can now ask GPT about a PDF Note in the canvas.
  3. You can now generate some flashcards using GPT. This works well with the Spaced Repetition Plugin.

I’ve made some cool additions to the plugin :

  1. You can create images based on a note by right-clicking it.
  2. You can insert relevant questions to the canvas based on your historical activity.
  3. You can view the messages that are sent to GPT in the console. This is for privacy purposes.
  4. You can run a specific system prompt on the content of a folder.