New option for attachments

Use case or problem

I want all attachments to be stored in a separate folder, but there is no structure whatsoever. They are just linearly arranged.

Proposed solution

Add the ability to store files in a separate folder so that when attached to a note, the structure of the vault is copied.

I don’t understand what you want.

You can already store attachments wherever you want in any structure you want. Can you clarify what you mean?

I have a lot of notes with images and every time I create a new note I have to create a new folder for the image, I know that I can create any structure, but this is a routine.
I have a separate folder for attachments and by default everything is saved there in a flat structure.

I propose an option so that the same structure is automatically created in the folder with attachments like this.

Perhaps no one needs this, but I hope I made my point clear.

Well, actually you can’t have any structure.
That’s why:

I think we’re talking about two different things. It’s clear to me now that you and OP are referring to an automatic file system structure creation. That was not clear to me from his original post.

When I said “You can have any structure you want” I was referring to the manual creation of folders for attachments, which can take any form. I don’t use the Obsidian Attachment folder tool. I keep mine in my structure.

Apparently I didn’t write it clearly enough in the original post, sorry

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@mmorowitz I got you. Agree, we can manually create any structure.

@WhiteNoise I believe now you can merge this topic with other that I mentioned in my previous reply.

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