New Obsidian version and Resizing images issues

I currently have Obsidian Version 1.4.13 (Installer 1.3.7) that I’ve just installed. I’ve been using a former version of Obsidian before, and at that time, I could resize images easily following the “Embedding files” help page.

What was working:

![[Capture d’écran 2023-09-26 à 10.46.50.png|500]]

the “|500” part was allowing me to modify the size of my image the way I wanted.

But in the current version of Obsidian, when I include a screenshot (as I always do for months), the code is different:


I’ve never seen the “!” before, and If I add a “|500”, nothing happens.
I’ve been trying to modify the code like in the previous version as follow:

![[Capture%20d’écran%202023-09-26%20à%2014.49.14.png|500]] and when I do this, obsidian tells me that “this object has not been create yet”.

I’m wondering what’s going on and why I cannot do something I’ve doing everyday for more than a year now… What’s wrong with the new obsidian version?

Can someone help me solving this issue?

Thanks in advance.

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

First, you didn’t include backticks around your code, so it wasn’t possible to see your examples. I edited your post to include backticks.

Your code here

The ![]() syntax is Markdown. [[]] is Wikilinks. Did you uncheck this setting under Files & Links?

In French, the setting is Utiliser les [[Wikilinks]]

The reason it fails is because in Markdown links, spaces automatically become encoded as %20. But you have added that %20 encoding to your Wikilink format, where it is not supported.

![[Your File Here]] ← Right
![[Your%20File%20Here]] ← Wrong

  1. Check your settings, and make sure to turn Wikilinks back on.
  2. In the broken links, replace %20 with a space.

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