New note's name does not get applied when navigating back with cmd ⌘+⌥+←

Steps to reproduce

Suppose you have 2 notes. You navigate from 1st note to 2nd note and edit the name of the 2nd note. Now you want to quickly go back by applying ⌘+⌥+← shortcut.

Expected result

Apply new name for 2nd note and switch to 1st note

Actual result

The new name is lost, you only get switched to 1st note


  • Operating system: Mac OS Big Sur 11.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.12

Additional information

Recorded a gif to show that it works as expected with “Go back” button, but does not work with the hotkey

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I am not going to take this as a bug.
Hit enter, then go back.

Also isn’t the shorcut to go back alt-leftarrow?

According to menu hints the shortcut for Mac is ⌘+←


But it simply does not work when you edit text. ⌘+← will jump to the beginning of the string on which your cursor is. So on Mac the go back shortcut (⌘+←) will only work if your note is in Preview mode

The shortcuts in obsidian are defined in settings-hotkeys. The menus aren’t used.

@WhiteNoise I’ve just tested default Windows shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+←.
The new name does not get applied on Windows too.