New Note template - also if I create a new note from [[NewNote]]?

Dear community,

I use this template for new notes, and though I am pretty happy with it, I am also happy for inspiration.

What I am struggling with, however, is the case when I’m linking [[something]] within a note and create the [[something]] note when clicking on it: It just creates a new note without using any templates.

Is there an easy solution for this?



First of all, make sure to enable “Trigger Templater on New File Creation” option from the Templater settings.

Then enable the option “Enable Folder Templates” option, and choose what template to apply when a new note is created in a folder of your choice.

If you want to apply the template to All notes no matter what folder they are created in, choose the root folder / and the template to apply automatically.


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OK, I definitely wasn’t expecting that - I guess there’s a first time for everything :sweat_smile: Always happy to see people helping people, without caring about borders :slight_smile:

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You are not the first to help me here, and I am just completely amazed how great this community is :heart_eyes:

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Obsidian will reformat the depreciated property alias to aliases if you use the Properties UI, so you could embrace the future and change your template to aliases (even if you only have one). Let Templater do the work. :grin:

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