New note auto adopt zettel prefix and default folder

When I do a [[Some currently brand new title]] and then I click on it to create. I realize that it’s saved to the vault root.

I have also turned on the zettel plugin where I set the default folder which is a subfolder in vault root.

I was wondering if it’s possible that when I click on it to create a new note, it will adopt the zettel plugin settings. ie the new note will have zettel prefix and also be saved to the zettel default folder.


Hi @kimstacks, please check out the “New note default location” setting under Settings - File. I think it’s available in 0.6.5 or higher.




Yes, I have done that. Sorry for not making it clear. The new note is correctly saved in the same custom folder for the zettel plugin.

The zettel prefix is not there. But this is not crucial. It’s a “I hope to see this in 6 months time” request.

Thank you, Erica :slight_smile:

Still trying to make sure I understand here… Did you mean you want all new note (like via Ctrl+N or via clicking a link) to have the Zettelkasten prefix, and not just the ones created by clicking on the Zettelkasten icon or using its hotkey?

I meant via clicking a link have the Zettelkasten prefix as well, yes.

I have not tried Cmd + N ever. But now that you mention it, yes, I would like that too.

No hurry. Just talking out of top of my head :thought_balloon:

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Got it! Thanks for the clarificaiton.

I would like to see this functionality as well - its hard to practice zettelkasten if new notes that we create through new links (which might be most new creations for many people) do not receive the zettelkasten prefix


Is there any solution to this?

I would also every new note, so also the notes Obsidian creates automatically if I click on a predifined note-link, be new notes named by the Zettelkasten prefixer.