New Nested Canvas Option in Canvas context menu that adds a canvas inside the folder of the original Canvas

My request is more of a way to make creating Nested Canvases easier.
Instead of creating a canvas by clicking on the left pane, and then dragging it into the target folder, this is what could be done:

  1. a) Right Click on the canvas itself and see an “Add Nested Canvas” button. That should create a nested canvas inside the original Canvas

b) The Nested Canvas should be placed inside the same folder as the Original Canvas.

  1. The naming could also be modified so that a new Nested Canvas would be called “Untitled Nested” instead of just Untitled, although that’s upto preference.

Point 1b can apply to Notes as well, meaning that if I create a New Note in a Canvas, the new note should be placed inside the folder of the Canvas.


Bumping this one, as it shouldn’t be hard to implement, but would greatly improve the experience.

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