New Monitor for Obsidian, any recommendation?

Hello community, discovered obsidian on June 25 … I still have the chills :heart_eyes: … 35 years waiting for me to finally find a computer tool that speaks to me … :crazy_face:
I will be 50 years old in a few days and even if I no longer buy hardware items (only the bare necessities), I have decided to make an exception and get myself a new large monitor suitable for Obsidian. Any advice or recommendation is welcome! Thanks in advance !


What OS (macOS or Windows)? What do you have already for a monitor?


Windows/linux and only use my laptop ThinkPad X1 Extreme. No gaming at all.

You should not base your monitor decision entirely on Obsidian. There are more important factors. If you give us your computer specs, your amount of time you spend in fornt of you computer, what work you normally do and your budget we may find a decent model for you. If this doesn’t matter to you and you’r ok with a short answer: Min 34" (better 38") UltraWide Monitor. I’m using Obsidian a lot and the best thing is having a lot of space. For example this one I’m using right now: LG 38UC99-W: 38'' Class 21:9 UltraWide® WQHD+ IPS Curved LED Monitor (37.5'' Diagonal) | LG USA an excelent business monitor.

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Tnx for your answer @Shizoru ! :+1: I have a laptop, Thinkpad X1 Extreme 1stGen, 15.6", UHD, i7 8750H, 32Go Ram, SSD, 2xUSB-C/Thunderbolt 3) on Win10. I also have an old laptop with 2-3 linux distro.
I’m working ~8-14 h/day in front of my laptop, 95% for coding, reading and writing. 5% YT, video, no gaming(just playing chess). However, I will probably do some streaming in the future and create some learning content. Quality has a price, and the budget will follow ! The Dell U3821DW seems quite similar to the LG, no ?
I remain open to any proposal and feedback from intensive Obsidian users! I buy very few things but I am looking for quality! Many thanks in advance for your help

Just get one with a high enough ppi, also depends on what distance you’re going to be sitting from the monitor, but generally 1080p is fine till 22 inches, Quad Hd for upto 27, and 4k beyond, no gaming, so stay away from tn or va high refresh rate panels. Make sure the one you are getting is adequately bright… and you’re good. get a monitor arm or wall mount to go with it if you like

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