New maintainer needed for “Tag Page Preview”

The “Tag Page Preview” community plugin (GitHub, plugin directory) is in need of a new maintainer.

It’s been downloaded 4,470 times. I’m not aware of a way of seeing recent downloads.

At the moment, Pulse · Aidurber/tag-page-preview · GitHub shows:

  • 0 Merged pull requests
  • 0 Open pull requests
  • 0 Closed issues
  • 1 New issue

The repo has been “archived” (probably on August 13th), so no new activity can occur.

Any devs interested? @reorx?

See also: New maintainer needed for “Dynamic ToC” (same scenario, same dev, different plugin).


Hey there! I haven’t posted before, but I like the plugin and I’d be willing to maintain it, if you still need someone to help out.