New line below the title after clicking "Enter"

On this image, it can be seen that the cursor is positioned at the end of the note(Typescript Record type) title. When I hit enter from this position the cursor is positioned at the bottom of the file(line number 11). I was expecting a new line to be created below the title.

Would it be possible to add a new line below the title when hitting Enter instead of locating the cursor at the last line of the note?

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not a bug. It’s intentional

A place for the title resembles an actual markdown header element. That’s why I was wondering why I am taken to the last line instead of going to a new line below.

you are taken to the last place you were in the file

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Thank you for the answer. Do you have a plan to implement new line addition from the title?

I’m also interested in this. An setting option would be great to handle this.

As stated in other replies, doing Enter returns you to the last place you edited that file, but if you stand in the title, and hit down arrow, you’ll get to the start of the first line. Could that be a suitable workaround for you?

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Yes, it is suitable too. Thank you for the suggestion!

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