New iphone - Obsidian syncs then locks up and unresponsive

I got a new iphone 15. The phone is clean and fresh. I installed testflight and got the insider build of obsidian. I logged into obsidian sync and downloaded all content. then obsidian locked up and became totally unresponsive. If I make obsidian not the front app and then launch it again I get a white screen, also locked up and unresponsive. I force quite the obsidian app and open it again and is starts locked up and unresponsive. During one startup I was able to get the properties screen of the dashboard file and I see a small rotating circle in the upper right hand corner telling me something is syncing or indexing. I have no idea what obsidian is doing and apart from the rotating circle it is locked up and unresponsive.

obsidian needs to be more informative telling me if it is syncing or indexing instead of just locking up and becoming unresponsive