New here: Any quick theme changer dropdown or plugin? OR Faster/ Easier: Make the Modal Dialog box moveable & not darken Main UI for preview AS IS?

Use case or problem

Being able to quickly change between themes for different purposes & viewability?

Proposed solution

New here: Is there a quick theme changer dropdown or possible to quickly make such a dropdown plugin? Preferably that switches using up down keys as well as mouse?

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

New here: Is there a quick theme changer dropdown or possible to quickly make such a dropdown plugin? Preferably that switches using up down keys as well as mouse?

I’ve not used it but:

kenset/obsidian-theme-picker (

might help you a bit.


Thanks. Will check it out.

This came up, on further searching and was in a similar vein by @amarionette

The way the settings dialog box comes up, it blocks as well as grays out the entire look & feel of the Theme.

The images shared by theme creators are fine to get a general baseline of the colors.

But they do not always convey what’s truly needed when switching between themes and maybe trying to pick one to tinker with:

  • overall proportionality of the UI for different people
  • on different machines and different OSes with
  • different scalings and monitor sizes shapes etc.

How will my “entire UI” actually look? -

The UI gets obfuscated and being unable see how MY content & UI will actually appear on my screen means having to go back & forth too many times.

Just moving modal box and obfuscation/ grayed out disabling and allowing near real time preview would help.

This functionality needs to be brought out for faster easier access & tweaking/ changes.

ideally we can also maybe have some kinda Lorem Ipsum “UI testing” content samples the way wordpress used to have so we can TEST, Actually Fully Preview (not blocked by Modal) and tweak UI stuff and theme before exiting those parameters.

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Installed it and I do not see what its doing? Enabled or disabled, either way the behavior of Obs UI is same.

Do tell me if it adds a quick dropdown elsewhere, as I havent seen any UI changes or functional / behavior changes.

From its description, it seems like it does same thing as existing Obs, unless this was not being done before? i.e. Switch UI look & feel as we go up & down the dropdown list.

I think, we just need the modal dialog box to be “moveable” and not have it “darken” the main UI that we are trying to “WYISIWYG” while playing with the available theme/ font etc config options.

Hi! Author of Theme Picker here. Here’s a gif that may help. There’s a new item in the status bar called “Change Theme”. Click on it, and a modal will appear and show you the list of themes that you currently have installed. You can both click with your mouse or use the arrow keys to preview your theme selection. Enter to select a theme, ESC to revert to your existing theme. Next to “Change Theme” in the status bar is a button to toggle between the theme’s dark and light modes.

The plugin currently only shows themes you already have installed, so if you don’t see any themes to choose from, download a few from Settings > Appearance > Community Themes – or download some from the internet and put into your <vault>/.obsidian/themes folder. Here’s some that I like:

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


Lovely. Almost what I imagined in terms of “quick change” mechanism. You are a god! :D. I pay homage to thy magical divinity :smiley:

Is there any way to have it be moved or reduced to be more “non blocking” of major part of the UI (esp. when I may be testing out lots of installed themes - nit picky minds of ours).

It does not darken the “UI” (as the Obs Preferences Modal) but given its own size & placement, they both “block” the “majority of the text/ panels” we’d love to see.

PS: As a former tech geek (what’s Obs being developed on/ in - terms of tech) and are you extending these plugins via the same?

Is it default by design, under the said dev framework for the modals/ dialog boxes to be this way? i.e. unmoveable & darkening/ graying/ blocking?

Feels a bit odd in terms of design that an appearance section of an app (Obs devs - great job but a slight oversight), pretty much blocks our ability to see real time the UI appearance we’d like to tweak.

Coming from the Win32 world, it was always default for “such dialogs” to be moveable to side and they allowed for us to see changes as we tweaked to our visual satisfaction with an “Apply” as one continued “tweaking” until “that’s it”.

Either way :smiley:

Given that you’ve gotten me with the product hat on and greedy (sorry :smiley: ) also would be great to by able to pull & quick manipulate the other “attributes” & “scaling” from the Appearance section.

Maybe if Obs can fix their modal, then your plugin can take whole another tangent of evolution.

I think a themes designer & data gives a great baseline, but being able to scale up/ down the fonts & spacings (para, line, indents etc.) can be quite key, when “data trees” and “density” increase within the UI.

Imagine being able to see so much “outlined” data on a massive 4K UHD. Geek screen estate heaven. I think some “big complex data trees” folks would get this.

@kenset - Following up, I wonder if you saw the response and had any thoughts on the above. Would love to hear back.