"New folder" has same icon as "File explorer"

not sure if this fall in new feature request or bug –

  1. the “New folder” has same icon as “File explorer”. Prefer to have a “+” on “New folder” to differentiate the two.

  2. the “New file” icon on the side panel is different from the “New file” icon on context menu. minor. but would prefer to have the same icon.

I find myslef quite often mistakenly click on the “New folder” button and unintentionally created a untitled folder. It would be helpful for it to have a different icon than “File explorer”, (preferably have a “+” to be consistent with the “New File” icon in the context menu).

screenshot provided at below:

new folder

new folder


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.9

Additional information



Not only Windows - Obsidian 0.8.11 - MacOSX.

Nice eye for detail! - Well spotted

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