New daily notes name format - Calendar doesn't "see" them anymore

Hi All,

I’m using Daily Notes (core plugin) in conjunction with Calendar (Community Plugin by Liam Cain). I just discovered that I could have daily notes automatically create folders/subfolders for the year and the month (YYYY/MM/YYYY-MM-DD (ddd)). Much better that a very long list of files named YYYY-MM-DD !

I configured it, and moved my notes manually to such a more handy structure.

As a result, Calendar can’t “see” my past daily notes anymore. No dot appears below the day, and clicking on a day prompt me for new note creation. I fully understand this is due to a config change in my daily notes, but I wish to fix this.

Is there a way to realign Calendar with my new Daily Notes name formatting, so that daily notes are detected again and opened when a day is clicked on?

EDIT: Uninstalling and reinstalling Calendar partially fixes this: Calendar relies on the new structure now. However… since file names changed (for example) from “2024-02-09” to “2024-02-09 (Fri)”, Calendar asks me if it should create “2024-02-09 (Fri)” instead of opening the existing “2024-02-09”. Can I change this in Obsidian, or do I need stripting skills to rename all my files (which I can’t remember how to do!)?

Thank you!

Don’t know if there is any recourse beyond renaming the old ones, but if you do want help with scripting it, let us know your operating system and maybe someone could help out :slight_smile:

And then also please clarify what you said towards the end – do you mean the folder structure is now correct and it’s only a matter of getting the abbreviated weekday into the filename?

Another option, without knowing the internal works of the Calendar plugin, is to consider leaving the file names as YYYY-MM-DD and rather insert a “nicer” date format within the daily note itself. I reckon you use some template to create it anyways, so maybe inserting the localised date format as the first header could be an option?

An educational guess on how the Calendar plugin works says that it’ll always look for a note matching the date inserted into the current date format template. If you change the format, there is no way for the plugin to keep track of when you changed it, and try opening older files with a different (older) format.

Thank you both.

As a teacher, it is extremely helpful to see directly, in each hyperlink, the day of the week. I imagine rich possibilities to work around the missing info in the note title, but I think it will get too complicated. Moreover, over time, things will be OK (my first daily note is from Nov 2023, it’s not that much work).

I can confirm, it’s basically only the " (ddd)" that is missing in the file name. I’m running macOS, so any UNIX script will work…

Thinking about it, the bunch of files to rename is really not that big. Even through Finder, copy pasting " (Mon)" next to every 7th file, and so forth… I think will be the easiest :sweat_smile:

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