New Daily Note - Each note has its own folder

What am I trying to achieve?

My current workflow is :

  • create new folder structure for each daily note
  • 2023/20230421/attachments
  • create new md - and host in 2023/20230421
  • any attachments are stored atomically in local attachments folder
  • new daily notes follow the same format, have their own folder.

@DudeNamedBen if u use periodic notes plugin, u can define the file path for the daily (or weekly, monthly… notes). For Ur case I think the following format would work YYYY/YYYYMMDD`

Here’s mine which only done by month…

Then in Options > Files & Links > Default location for new attachment you should specify “In subfolder under current folder”

They say they want the full date in the subfolder, so I think the Daily Notes > Format should be YYYY/YYYYMMDD/YYYYMMDD according to their request.

I would argue that it’s better to do the last part as YYYY-MM-DD since then the “number sequence” would be properly recognised as a date, which the format “YYYYMMDD” in most cases wouldn’t be.

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