New card from selected text on existing card

I started using canvas and there is one feature missing which would be extremely useful: split card into related child card, based on selected text of the selected card.

Use case or problem

This would be extremely useful when paired with GitHub - rpggio/obsidian-chat-stream: Obsidian canvas plugin for using AI completion with threads of canvas nodes where you can generate a card content based on related cards using ChatGPT. I often ask chatGPT to answer in bullet points. Then I’d like to expand each bullet point. Chat stream solves the problem of which content to send as a prompt, but having to manually split those bullet points is painful.

Proposed solution

Above problem could easily be addresed by adding ability to select a piece of text in a card and drag and drop it outside of this card. Alternatively, a context menu with “create child card” would be enough.
There should be an option whether the selected text should be copied to new a card or moved. In some cases copy is enough, in other - move is better (i.e. remove text from source card).

Current workaround (optional)

All above steps can be done manually, but they completely kill the flow of thoughts.

Effectively, what I described is a Note Composer core plugin, but for Canvas (Note composer - Obsidian Help)

Might be hard to grasp the concept so I prepared a little explainer video of the workflow I currently do, wish it was less clunky…

Made it based on GitHub - logancyang/obsidian-copilot: A ChatGPT Copilot in Obsidian