Nested wikilinks: Ability to link two [[wikilinks]] which then visible on graph

I have searched the forum and there is some chat about this, but it looks like those threads are closed and the other one I can’t now find. I am not particularly tech savvy, so appreciate your patience.

When I am reading papers I might have an idea which links two previous notes together, and I would like to see this in graph view so I can visually see how two wikilinks are in fact joined together, which can then spiral out to the other notes from there.
I know I can then create a new wikilink with say those two keywords however this doesn’t quite do it for me.
I think I read previously that in Devonthink you could do this by [[180321[[170321]]]] can this be done yet in Obsidian or is this feature coming?

I am really liking obsidian for my doctorate, especially with my adhd brain - so thank you!


Sounds like a helpful feature.

I didn’t know this was a thing in Devonthink. I made a request that feels similar: Nesting functional link aliases within link names

I am interested in a little more detailed description of what you are specifically asking for. You are probably being perfectly clear, but a simple step by step use case would be helpful. I will check out what Devonthink has in the meantime, out of curiosity.


Find any similar functionality for your use case @DG713 ?