"Nested vault" / vault scoping plugin

From poking around, I see a lot of discussion about nested vaults (or other ideas to solve the fundamental problem). It seems clear to me that literally nesting multiple instances of Obsidian vaults is not ideal — you really want Obsidian to know about the whole vault, else things are bound to be fragile (differing settings, renames, etc.) And even when you’re scoped to a sub-vault, you may want to be able to follow or create links out of it.

I guess the first question is, are there plans to address this with a first class feature?

If not, does anyone with experience developing plugins know if the plugin API is sufficient to support something like this? For some minimal functionality, I think you’d want:

  • Right click on a folder to mark it as the current scope.
  • Some UI to clear the scope.
  • When scoped to a folder:
    • Opening or auto-suggesting links get filtered to notes in the current folder.
    • When showing suggestions: some button to “show all” in case you want to break out of the scope.
    • New notes get created inside the scoped folder instead of the top level folder.
    • Filter the graph to the scope.

Of course there’s way more you could do with the idea of scoping (as some of my links above describe very well.) But if I could just have that minimal functionality it would be enough that I could happily live in one vault instead of awkwardly living over several.

I haven’t explored the plugin architecture much, but I’m an experienced web dev and would be totally down for developing this if it is possible. Thoughts?