Nested Note and Nested Relations Lines in Canvas like Plectica's DSRP

Use case or problem

I am so excited about canvas plugin. I think the features from visual system thinking pkm, , is excellent and can be adapted to Canvas. It uses DSRP (Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, and Perspectives). It could do things like this:

  1. Relationships = To show the relationships, and the notes can also be nested and put inside the line connecting to other notes (so the line showing relationships could be made more complex).
  2. Perspectives = Eyes indicating which perspectives are used to see a note. It could be used to generate multiple perspectives on one thing/note

The example is like the images down below.

A5. P-Circle with Subperspectives 20220413115211
A5. R Channel - Part to Part RD Barbells 20220413115013
A5. RDS Barbells - Feedback Loop 20220413113606
A5. RDSB inside RDSB 20220413113747
A5. RDS Barbells Between Four Ideas 20220413113520

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